Tarra Valley Retreat - Dog Policy

Dogs are welcome at Tarra Valley Retreat!

With the comfort and wellbeing of all our Guests in mind, Tarra Valley Retreat has a set of rules for guests who wish to bring their dog/s.

Dog Behaviour:

  • The dog must be always supervised and never left unattended at your site.
  • The dog must be always leashed whilst in the park. A leash must not be more than 2 metres in length, and it must be attached to someone or something. No dog runs are to be set up.
  • Aggressive dogs are not welcome.
  • Excessive barking is not considered as good behaviour.
  • By paying the site fees dog owners agree to abide by all rules relating to dogs in the Retreat. Tarra Valley Retreat staff reserve the right to evict any guest without refund or prior warning for ignoring any rule, or whose dog is deemed noisy, disruptive, aggressive or the subject to complaints from other guests. It is solely the dog owners responsibility to control and manage their dog.

Dog Health:

  • Dogs must otherwise be healthy and free of fleas, worms, or other parasites.

Native Wildlife:

  • The owner must always control their pets by having them on a leash, chain or cord as there is a lot of wildlife in and around Tarra Valley Retreat.
  • Dogs are not to be allowed to chase, harm, or otherwise disturb wildlife.
  • It is the responsibility of the dog owner to keep their dog away from snakes. Tarra Valley Retreat will not be held responsible for any costs relating to your dogs injury or death resulting from a snake bite. The nearest Vet is in Yarram 5182-5400

Areas Dogs Not Allowed:

  • For Health and safety reasons dogs are not allowed inside the camp kitchen, amenity blocks, playground, or reception. Dogs are not to be tied up outside the amenities block.
  • Dogs are not allowed in or around cabins.
  • Dogs are NOT permitted in the National Park.

Doggy Doo:

  • Dog owners are 100% responsible for picking up their dogs waste in a sealed bag and disposed of in rubbish bins.
  • Dogs must, specifically, be prevented from urinating on park fixtures or other peoples tents and equipment.
  • If a pet defecates, the person in control of the pet at the time MUST remove the faeces, wrap in newspaper or similar, and place in a rubbish bin. (ONLY after it is wrapped)

Personal Damage or Injury:

  • Dog owners are responsible, and will be held to be so, for any injuries and/or property damage or losses in relation to any actions by or because of their dog.
  • No equipment from on-site accommodation will be used to provide a dog with food or water. Nor will any bedding or any other equipment from any park amenity or on-site accommodation be used for purposes associated with a dog.

Dogs Wandering:

  • If you find a dog wandering, please report it to staff, so they can deal with it.

Dog Grooming:

  • For Health and Safety reasons dogs are not to be washed in the camp kitchen wash up area or the laundry.
  • Additionally, any dog related accessories are not to be cleaned within the park.


Thank you for your attention to our guidelines, we look forward to welcoming you and your furry friend.